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Commercial Cleaning pricing information for any healthcare facility (other than a hospital) large or small; including doctor’s or dentist offices; or health clinics such as physiotherapy; chiropractic; etc …

At ServiceMaster, we believe clean isn’t just about what you can see. It’s about providing a safe, sanitary environment for you, your staff and your guests. We also understand that you likely have a budget. We do too! So, our customized plans also take that into consideration to deliver to you the best value we can while keeping you fiscally responsible.

For those reasons, our pricing typically begins at $250

Pricing Considerations

Healthcare Office & Exam/Procedure Room Cleaning

Healthcare facilities — be it the office of a doctor, chiropractor or a dentist or even a full-blown hospital with surgical rooms — have unique requirements, if only simply due to their need for infection control. For this reason, ServiceMaster has designed the Patient-Centered Cleaning Program to address such factors as:

  • Overall patient satisfaction
  • Patient environment improvement
  • Cost management
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Risk reduction

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TYPICAL CLEANING TASKS FOR A Healthcare/Medical Building

  • Floor polishing
  • Sanitize high-touch areas
  • Empty trash bins
  • Wipe and sanitize surfaces
  • Dusting
  • Washroom maintenance
  • Vacuum
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Low moisture encapsulation
  • Extraction
  • Exam and Procedure Room sanitizing
  • Windows
  • Furniture cleaning


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